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Most people find street marches, demonstrations, confrontations with police or government officials and civil disobedience to be intimidating. So how do we account for the record-breaking and enthusiastic turnout for recent anti-Trump actions? Many people clearly feel the Trump administration presents an acute threat. But another major factor that can move them from the couch to the streets is the tangible pleasure people can feel from acting publicly and collectively to try change something. The pleasures of protest were visible at the post-inaugural womens marches, beginning with the pink knit pussyhats. Started as a craft project by Los Angelean Krista Suh and friends, the hats echoed the pussy grabs back slogan used by women objecting to candidate Trumps derogatory comments last fall about grabbing women. The handcrafted head coverings emerged en masse and became instantly iconic. Clearly, people enjoyed wearing them. The fun was amplified by the variety of handmade signs protesters brought, with jabs like Youre so vain, you probably think this march is about you and A womans place is in the resistance. A pleasurable aspect of protest is having a space to defiantly talk back to political adversaries. The womens marches built on feminists long history of employing pleasure and play as movement tactics. Consider the womens liberation movement.

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Let's just say I told Albert that it would be necessary to discuss with the owners, the Newhouse family, the rate he proposed. Then came both barrels: "Be sure to tell them I plan to run 75 pages of in-paper ads for the opening and will be putting my weekly insert in the Saturday paper." Publishers are always looking for ways to bolster Saturday advertising. We were able to reach an agreement and I received phone calls from publishers ผ้าปูที่นอน gundam all over the country, questioning whether the 75 number was a typo, if he paid his bills and would he be interested in opening a store in their town. Boscov's Beats Bankruptcy Several years later, I joined a team from The P-N making a readership and marketing presentation at his flagship store in Reading. Assured a screen was available for the slide presentation (pre-PowerPoint), we arrived and got set up. No this screen was available. Albert came into the room, was told about the situation, went into the store and brought in a bedsheet and helped tack it to a wall. The show went on! Lunch was in the store cafeteria and he stood with us in line with store customers. Albert was up and down the line, shaking hands and asking if they had found the merchandise they sought. He was in his favorite element. At times he joined company buyers on the regular trip to New York and the markets there. Invariably, he would make a deal that took their collective breath away. I was told about his once buying an incredible number of luggage pieces and told his buyers what an "incredible" sales opportunity the buy was. And sure enough, thanks to his creative advertising acumen, the normally slow-moving luggage all went out the door. There is one memory of Albert I treasure and will close with it. When it became necessary to consolidate our operation by going to one newspaper and closing The Evening News, we forecast a 15 percent drop in circulation which would be made up by better delivery service and product improvements along with some aggressive marketing.

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