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Bandai Namco has shared new information and screenshots of Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization and confirmed the Tokyo Game Show 2016-announced Season Pass for release in the west. Get the details below. Blacksmith Thanks to the Blacksmith, craftsmen with various skills and abilities spread everywhere in Ainground, players will be able to improve their weapons. Each Blacksmith has different forge skills and will help players to strengthen all their kind of equipment. To do so, players will have to provide materials and fees to the Blacksmith. Also, different levels of improvement are available: the higher is the level, the harder will be the improvement. Town of Beginning In addition, new places from the Town of the Beginning have been revealed. Players will have a walk on the Transition Gate Square, where all the adventures are be available through gates, the Shopping Arcade, where players can buy loads of items, the Observation Platform, where a wonderful view of the town is available, the Park by the Lake, full of cafes and stores, and the Room of Kirito, where players can customize their avatars and where they can discuss with their team mates. Season Pass The Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Season Pass has also been revealed! It will include three downloadable content packs with different costumes as bonuses: the Navy Blue Swimwear, the White Swimwear and the Wedding Dress.

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@989TheBuzz Chris Konya Radio (@ChrisKonya98) September 19, 2016 Konya, a radio host in Rochester , N.Y., later told local ABC affiliate WHAM that he remembered Rahami who was taken into custody after a shootout with police Monday as quiet and mild-mannered. Nothing out of the ordinary, he said. We remember him being well-dressed, and when he did talk, it was not abrasive, it was funny. Konya recalled that Rahami seemed to disappear after graduation around the time he is reported to have moved to Afghanistan. Its a complete mystery what happened to Ahmad between graduating in the summer of 2007 and last weekend, he said. Still, Konya said, he wouldnt have expected to see his former classmates face on an FBI Most Wanted poster. It has only been nine or 10 years, so the time span from going from blending into being the most wanted man in America in

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to me, he said. Konya did not immediately respond to a Yahoo News request for comment, nor did administrators at Edison High School. Others closer to Rahami during the years after he graduated also spoke out Monday, saying they had observed changes in his personality in recent years. It was nothing but good vibes, 27-year-old Flee Jones, who grew up with Rahami and remembers playing basketball with him in the park as kids, said in an interview with the New York Times. Jones, now a rapper, said hes a regular at the fried chicken restaurant owned by Rahamis family, and theyve even let him host rap battles with friends in the back.