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Andrew Lansley Speaking at the NHS Providers annual lecture, Lord Lansley said the public had a right to expect extra funding, which should be in place by 2019-2020. He also called for ministers to commit to spending 7% of GDP on the NHS. In the

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run-up to June's EU referendum, Leave campaigners said the 350m a week the UK paid into the bloc's budget would be spent on the NHS instead. The figure proved contentious during the campaign, with Remain supporters arguing that figure did not take into account money the UK got back from the EU in grants, subsidies, and the British rebate. 'Nakedly political' The NHS is currently facing a host of financial challenges brought about by new drugs, treatments and therapies which patients are demanding, the cost of dealing with chronic disease and an increasing and ageing population. In his speech, Lord Lansley, who was health secretary from 2010 to 2012, said: "At the referendum, on one hand the public were told that staying in would mean a strong economy and more money for the NHS. "On the other hand the public were told that leaving would mean redirecting the EU budget and more money for the NHS. "So for political reasons, both campaigns told the public that whatever was going to happen in the future, there would be more money for the NHS. "So the public have a right to expect it. They have a right to expect a Brexit bonus for the NHS." He went on to say that the UK would not leave the EU before 2019 at the earliest, so the extra payments should be paid from then.

"We asked How can we equip you better this year to go back to work than last year? and then that became what are the best functional pants to wear?" Song says. "We had to decide, do we put stretch in our pants? Is our customer today a suit-wearing customer, or are they more like the shirt and sweater? Do they bike to work, and if so, should we look at larger silhouettes? We integrate all of that." When the brand expanded its store footprint to the US last year, it left the decision of locations to shoppers, allowing fans to vote on which cities Frank + Oak should hit (Chicago, DC, and

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Boston were the winners, btw). After reviewing feedback from various in-store barbershops about its male shoppers needing better grooming products, Frank + Oak launched a collection of soaps, creams, and colognes in late 2015. Two years ago, it starting putting out a zine called Oak Street twice a year, complete with glossy photos and profiles of business owners and entrepreneurs. "We wanted to create a magazine that

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would basically become a bible for our community," Song says. "Its not a fashion magazine but about fellow creatives and entrepreneurs, and their work. And through that, we showcase Frank + Oaks values." View gallery . Photo: Frank + Oak The pivot to womenswear is an obvious next step.

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