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The panel of Zionist feminists were with one exception defensive and angry about the fact that they even need to counter accusations against Zionism from progressives — “as if they were being bullied, disempowered, for their views,” as Nada Elia wrote here yesterday. The panelists seemed especially agitated about the degree to which Jews are no longer regarded as an oppressed group. The word Holocaust was often mentioned, the speakers seeking to remind the audience about Jewish insecurity in the west, and the role of Zionism as a liberation movement, as an answer to the stinging accusation that even to be a liberal Zionist is to be a “Zionist ho” or a “white supremacist.” Pro-Palestinian activists fail to “recognize the Jewish experience,” writer Marisa Kabas said. “They only see what’s in front of them right now, which is the occupation. I don’t blame them, but it’s worth going a little further back, to see why people still support the state of Israel.” I want to focus on one aspect of the forum: the tension between “intersectionality” and “orientalism,” and the role of the New York Times in mediating that divide. Several panelists objected to assertions of “intersectionality” by the feminist movement. As I understand it, intersectionality is the idea that social injustices cannot be addressed singly without considering issues of class, race, gender, and identity. The “ pledge of liberation” for the Women’s March links police violence to sexual violence to immigrant rights to economic justice to the need to end aggressive wars; and in this way women’s rights, LGBT rights, and the struggles of people of color are bound to one another. The rise of this paradigm shows how Trump has served to radicalize the left; thus, Linda Sarsour was very prominent in the Women’s March in Washington, notwithstanding her support of BDS and Palestinian rights, which would have gotten her barred from a rally if mainstream liberals were calling the shots. “Why is Israel being singled out? I see the roots of that in intersectionality,” said the panel’s moderator Bari Weiss, an opinion editor at the New York Times.

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