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The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said there had been clashes ผ้าปูที่นอน 3.5 ฟุต ลายการ์ตูน overnight along frontline neighborhoods of rebel-held east Aleppo: in Jab al-Jalabi in the Old City, in al-Ithaa and in Salah al-Din. There were also clashes in Jamiat al-Zahraa in the government-held west of the city, the Observatory said. Syria's army and Russia have called on residents and rebels in besieged eastern Aleppo to quit the city and depart for other insurgent-held districts under a promise of safe travel. The U.N. had hoped that the ceasefires would allow medical evacuations from the city, but said a lack of security guarantees and "facilitation" were preventing aid workers taking advantage of the pause in bombing. Rebels have said they cannot accept the ceasefire, which they say does nothing to alleviate the situation of those who choose to remain in rebel-held Aleppo, and believe it is part of a government policy to purge cities of political opponents. "The initiative came at the same time as forced displacement operations are being carried out by the Assad regime in (the Damascus suburbs) of al-Mouadamiya, Qudsiya and al-Hama, and before that in Daraya," a joint statement by rebel groups fighting under the banner of the Free Syrian Army, and the Syrian National Coalition, an opposition political body, said. SIEGE Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has used siege and bombardment to force rebels from areas they control around Syria's main cities, letting them leave with their families and light weapons and surrendering territory to the government. Assad has said that local agreements of that kind are preferable to continued fighting.

"In looking through the journals, I saw that many of them had handwritten on them the name 'Josh Brown,'" Ostrum wrote in the documents. "I asked [Brown's wife] whose handwriting was in the journals; she identified the writing as Josh's . The handwriting in all the journals appeared to have been written by the same hand." Over the next few days, Brown's wife provided Ostrum with further written admissions by Brown, as well as photos that she said showed bruising on her leg from a separate, undated incident. Scans of the photos are included in the documents released to NJ Advance Media; they were taken on a cell phone, and the picture quality is poor. Brown and the NFL: Ostrum states Brown's wife had not reached out to her since February of 2016, but also writes that on June 3, 2016, she received a "very panicked phone call" from Brown's wife after she was contacted by an NFL investigator. It สั่ง ผ้าปูที่นอน is unclear if the date is a mistake; Ostrum discusses 2015 events both before and after the NFL portion of her statement. Ostrum states she then called the NFL investigator, and informed the investigator Brown did not want to speak to her. Ostrum then informed the league representative she would not divulge any information on the case while Ostrum's investigation was ongoing. Giants co-owner John Mara speaks about Josh Brown domestic violence situation Ostrum writes the league investigator contacted her several times over the next few months, but Ostrum always declined to discuss the case. Ostrum says a local law enforcement official "who apparently also works as a representative of the NFL " also contacted her, but Ostrum also rebuffed that investigator.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.nj.com/giants/index.ssf/2016/10/new_josh_brown_police_documents_what_we_learned.html

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